Getting Married Or Engaged

Have You Thought About Insurance For And After Your Big Day?

Congratulations on your engagement! As you start planning for your wedding day, you want to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch. Have you thought about insurance needs for the big day? You don’t want to be held responsible for someone becoming injured if they’ve had too much to drink at your reception….

Make sure you check into the insurance coverage of the restaurant, country club or banquet hall that you’re using on your wedding day. With a lot of guests and possibly some support staff on hand, you want to make sure they carry the right amount of liability insurance.

Getting married in your backyard? Or mom and dad’s? Then you’ll want to make sure that your homeowners policy will cover all the possibilities for liability.

The experts at Secure Insurance Solutions can also walk you through what’s known as Special Event Coverage. You may be interested in these honeymoon and extra gift coverages.

Now we can’t make your family and friends behave, but we can make sure you don’t have to worry about being held liable!

Not Just Your Name Changes — Your Auto Insurance Changes, Too

Although we can’t figure out why, insurance data shows that married people are more responsible. That’s good news for your Car Insurance rates — they could go down. So make sure you tell your insurance agent when you get married.

You could see as much as a 25% drop in your Auto policy bill when you marry and combine your vehicles onto one policy.

And that’s not all! You might be able to snag multi-car, garaging, multi-policy and other discounts as well.

Contact Secure Insurance Solutions after the big day to make sure you get the best Auto Insurance coverage. And we’ll make sure you and your spouse get the absolute best value.

Tenants & Homeowners Insurance For The Newly Married

When you marry, basically your possessions double in the eyes of the insurer. If you’re just moving in together after the wedding, the value of your possessions increases so you want to make sure you’re covered.

If you’re just getting Tenants Insurance for the first time, consider:

  • All of your possessions up to the policy limit (subject to a deductible)
  • Your liability in case your actions cause injury to someone else or their property

If you’re buying a home, your Home Insurance policy covers all of the above, plus the home itself.

You May Have Received Valuable Gifts

Some of those gifts you received are valuable. That new fine china set, the crystal, an antique from your aunt, your engagement ring and wedding bands. We’re guessing that the coverage you had before doesn’t include these new valuables.

If you have a lot of valuable possessions, you should consider valuables coverage. This will broaden your protection. Plus, there’s no deductible.

Learn more from your broker about how to make sure to protect your special possessions. We can also suggest when and how to add this coverage to your policy.

We can tailor your Homeowners or Tenants Insurance to cover every aspect of your new situation. We can even discuss available discounts for things like smoke detectors, burglar alarms and multiple policies.

Consider Umbrella Insurance For Full Protection

Situations happen beyond your control and if you’re ever liable for a large settlement, can you handle it? You’re just getting started so you don’t want to risk your financial footing right from the get-go.

If you’re not sure that your homeowners and auto policies have enough to cover you, consider an Umbrella Insurancepolicy. You get an added extra layer of protection over and above your homeowners and auto policies.

Talk to your broker at Secure Insurance Solutions. We’ll explain how the coverage works and help you decide if it’s right for you.

Think About Life Insurance At This Stage In Your Life

There are many options available for Life Insurance. We can help you with the research and get you the best life insurance for you and your new spouse.

Get All Your Insurance Needs From One Place

Your new life requires an evaluation of the right insurance for your situation. Our brokers can make sure:

  • You have the advice you need because we have knowledge of all insurance coverages including life, homeowners, auto, umbrella, and more
  • You understand what we offer — this isn’t a hard sell approach
  • We will find you the best coverage for the best price

Call 1-800-665-3259 today for your newly married insurance needs. We’ll help protect you and your spouse for life!