Life Changes After Graduation — Does Insurance?

Congratulations! Graduating college or university is a huge milestone in your life. And now the next chapter of your life begins — new job, more money, a place of your own and new stuff you buy for yourself now that you have an income.

You’re going to work hard for all these things so you’re going to want to make sure you protect them with insurance. But do you know what you need and how to make sure you get the best rates? The first thing you need is a knowledgeable advisor.

We have three insurance topics you’ll want to consider now that you’ve graduated:

Your Own Auto Insurance

Up to now, if you’ve had access to a car, you were probably on your parent’s Car Insurance policy. But if you’re living on your own, or your name is now on the title of a car, you’re no longer covered on their auto policy.

You may have to pay more for insurance on your own policy. And you may not have a deductible that is as large as your parents. It’s because they’re in a better financial position.

At Secure Insurance Solutions, we represent a wide variety of insurance companies, so you’ll have many options to choose from. And we’ll walk you through every step — including hunting down any discounts that many auto insurers offer.

We can make sure that we get you the best auto policy coverage with the options you need for the least amount of money.

Tenants Insurance For Your First Place

You move out of the family home — and not just for the school year this time. You already have a few things to put in it like your laptop, iPod, cell phone and watch. But you’ve bought a few things too like some furniture, a TV and small appliances.

Even though your stuff is second hand or not very valuable, have you thought about how much it would cost to replace everything?

Imagine coming home one night after having drinks with colleagues after work to find your apartment trashed. All your electronics and appliances are gone. Many of your clothes have been destroyed.

If you have Tenants Insurance, this is all covered. In fact, if you have Renters Insurance it also protects your things in your locked car or anywhere else you take them. You’re protected against fire and other things beyond your control — including vandalism and theft.

This isn’t covered under your landlord’s policy — that only covers the building. Your personal items are only covered under Renters Insurance.

It will even pay for legal fees if someone gets injured while they’re in your apartment or if you get sued because of damage to neighbouring apartments by you.

We know the insurance companies out there. So if you call Secure Insurance Solutions we’ll make sure to shop around and get you the best coverage for the best price. We’re big on discounts so we’ll look into that too.

Get All Your Insurance Solutions In One Place

Adult life brings a whole new set of responsibilities and risk. You need to be responsible for protecting yourself and your hard-earned money from the risk of liability.

At Secure Insurance Solutions we get it. This is all new to you and there are so many choices. That’s what we’re here for — to help you through this complicated business.

And we’ll be here for you as your life continues to change — like when you get married or when you buy a house. Every step of the way, we have an expert broker who can make sure that you’re protected with the right insurance.

Contact us today. We’re your one-stop insurance shop. We’ll do all the work for you. Complete the protection analysis form today, or call us now at 1-800-665-3259.