Ontario Equine Insurance / Horse Insurance from Experts Who Care

Are you a horse person? If so, you’ll already know how much those precious animals mean, not just in straight dollars but also in terms of emotions and relationships.

If you feel this way, you’ll want to put your Equine Insurance protection in the hands of someone you trust and someone you know understands your needs.

In that case, you’re in the right place. Here at Secure Insurance Solutions Group, we have the equine insurance specialists with the expertise and experience to provide for all of your horse and horse-related insurance needs.

We offer many different types of Equine Insurance in multiple areas catering for:

  • Owners — from one to multiple horses
  • Breeders — from entire horse properties to specific coverage for individual studs and mares
  • Transporters, including equipment and trailers. Can include international transportation
  • Equine tack, feed and supply stores
  • Boarding stables, including stableman’s liability insurance
  • Equine events including shows and show jumping — special coverage for organizers
  • Riding schools — coverage for horses, business/property, and liability (see below)
  • Specialist animals such as those used for leisure and trail riding
  • Racing and competitions — insurance protection for courses, stables and other buildings
  • Equine clubs and associations
  • Show-riders/jockeys — special high-risk injury coverage
  • Equine veterinarians — including professional and commercial liability insurance
  • Luxury horse properties
  • Hobby Farms

Understanding Equine Insurance

Although there are many types of insurance for horse-related activities, there are three types that specifically relate to the welfare and behavior of animals.

1. Equine Mortality Insurance

We can provide Horse Insurance against the theft or loss of your horse through accident, illness or injury. Coverage is available for animals under the age of 16.

Euthanasia and post mortem costs are also covered.

Alternatively, limited equine mortality coverage is available, protecting owners against specific, named risks.

2. Equine Surgery Insurance

Horse Surgery Insurance is available as an endorsement to your Equine Mortality Insurance policy.

You can insure against the costs of major medical and surgical costs, for disorders specified within the policy, such as urgent colic treatment.

This coverage is available for horses aged 20 and under.

3. Equine Liability Insurance

Horse Liability Insurance is available for a wide-range of equine businesses from single-horse owners to breeders, trainers and boarders.

It protects you against awards and settlements for bodily injuries or property damage caused to third parties by one or more of your horses.

It also covers defence and medical costs, but does not cover the owner’s property or employees, for which separate coverage would be required.

How Secure Insurance Solutions Can Help You

To our horse insurance experts, our service is about much more than just providing a policy to protect your horses or your horse-related business.

We are here to help with understanding equine insurance and identifying different types of equine insurance. We’re here to answer your questions and to offer you guidance and support, especially if you need to make a claim.

We also maintain regular contact with our clients to ensure they’re adequately protected and we work with multiple equine insurance specialist companies to ensure we can arrange precisely the cover you need at some of the most competitive prices available in Ontario.

Get Your Answers and Free Quote Now

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