Ontario Group Home & Auto Insurance

We’ve partnered with employers in Ontario in order to offer their employees better insurance rates.

If you work for one of the Ontario employers listed below, you’re entitled to special rates on Home InsuranceAuto Insurance and even other personal lines of insurance from Secure Insurance Solutions Group!

We have group rates for the companies below:

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  • Currie Truck Centre
  • Hydro One 
  • Grey Highlands Chamber of Commerce
  • OEF
  • Prime Time
  • Warren Gibson Ltd
  • West Grey Chamber of Commerce

A Winning Deal With Ontario Group Home and Auto Insurance

Most of us in business are always striving for win-win solutions. Here’s one for you right now: Group home and auto insurance.

Employees win by securing attractively discounted rates on home insurance and auto insurance. And companies win by adding value to their employee benefits package with all the advantages that delivers in terms or reputation, recruitment and competitiveness.

Research identifies this type of discounted insurance as among the most highly-valued benefits by employees.

Your Group Home and Auto Insurance Program in a Nutshell

So, what exactly is a group home and auto insurance program and how does it work?

It’s simply a way of harnessing the bulk buying power of a company and spreading the savings in the shape of reduced premiums for all the participants.

There’s no cost to you, and we’re talking about potentially big premium discounts compared with market rates — often 10 to 20 percent but sometimes as high as 30 percent, yielding savings of perhaps hundreds of dollars.

The program covers most types of cars and a variety of homes from owned to rentals, condos to cottages.

Group Home Insurance and Auto Insurance Requirements

To make these savings, a group home and auto insurance program is ideally suited to larger companies that can attract the best rates from insurers.

But that doesn’t discount smaller and medium sized businesses because group rates are directly related to the number of employees.

But how can you secure the best deal, with the most attractive discounts? By calling on the services of specialist group home insurance and auto insurance brokers like Secure Insurance Solutions.

Your Ontario Group Home Insurance and Auto Insurance Brokers

Secure Insurance Solutions already has set up valuable programs for multiple businesses in Ontario. And we have a team of dedicated specialists who understand group home insurance and auto insurance requirements.

We work with only the province’s best rated insurers for the most competitive discounts and rates and we offer full support at every stage, to both companies and their employees in answering questions, providing information and helping with claims.

As your group home insurance and auto insurance brokers, we manage your program, handling most of the admin. Employees have the opportunity to pay premiums direct or through payroll deductions — whatever works best for you and them.

We’ll customize your program specifically to the needs and priorities of your business and then help you promote it with your employees, providing literature and other campaign material.

More Benefits

hydroShopping around for insurance is both time consuming and confusing. But a program provided and managed by your group home and auto insurance broker eliminates this challenge.

Your employees will have the security of knowing they’re getting the most competitive deal available and a team of professionals who can answer their questions.

They will also have access to a wide range of other insurance services fromSecure Insurance Solutions, including life coverage, again at highly competitive rates.

Further discounts may be available for multiple policies through the same insurer.

Get Your Group Home and Auto Insurance Quotes Now

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Click the button, phone or email us now and we’ll get working straightaway on your group home and auto insurance quotes.

Got questions? We have the answers. Want the best value? We’ve done the research.

There’s no cost or obligation. It’s that easy. Do it now and add another powerful and exclusive advantage to your employee benefit program.

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