Ontario Laundromat Insurance

You deal with people’s clothes every day, and we know that some people get attached to their favourite sweater or pants. If you damage someone’s clothes, or lose them, you become liable. Or it might be that you own coin operated machines – again if someone’s clothes are damaged, Coin Op Insurance can help make sure you’re protected.

You also need to worry about customers become injured in your Laundromat because of slips and falls. You also have to worry about equipment malfunctions – those machines are your livelihood.

At Secure Insurance Solutions, we want to make sure that you’re properly protected from all liability risks. That’s why we’ll make sure to get you the best Laundry Insurance.

Do I Need General Liability With My Laundromat Insurance?

If a customer gets hurt while they’re in your laundromat because the floors didn’t get mopped up after some water leaked, you’ll be held liable. With General Liability coverage, any medical expenses or legal costs would be covered.

You want to make sure that any liability costs for property damage or bodily injury that’s caused by your business operations is taken care of so it doesn’t have to come out of your profits.

How Can Secure Insurance Solutions Help?

We can make sure that your business is covered for liability risk with Coin Op Laundry Insurance. That way you can concentrate on running your business. We can review your current Coin Op Insurance policy or help you get started on a new one.

At Secure Insurance Solutions, we’ll make sure that all the essential protections are part of your Laundry Insurance. These include all the equipment and machinery, property and liability coverages. And we can make sure they’re all included in one comprehensive Laundry Insurance package.

We might even find discounts that you’re eligible for. We’ll check around with carriers to see if they offer a discount for your Laundromat Insurance if you have monitored security alarms or video surveillance.

We can start helping you right now. Contact on of the Secure Insurance Solutions experts or click on our Free Quote request button. We’ll provide you with an insurance program that meets your needs.
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