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Are you unsure about your Ontario Commercial Auto Insurance needs? Commercial Auto InsuranceWorried about paying for coverage you don’t need? Or worried that you’re already paying too much?

Here are two simple answers:

  • First, if you or your employees use your own cars for business-related purposes other than getting too and from work, or if your business owns vehicles, you need Commercial Auto Insurance. Period.
  • Second, if you want the best value Business Vehicle Insurance that fully protects your needs, Secure Insurance Solutions will do that for you.

We have the experience, the expertise and the relationships with Ontario’s leading Commercial Auto Insurance companies to be able to secure the smartest deals around.

Let’s take a quick look at Commercial Auto Insurance basics in Ontario and the benefits for you and your business.

Ontario Commercial Auto Insurance Basics

In some ways, Business Auto Insurance is like the coverage you have for your personal vehicle.

It can protect against the same kinds of risks:

Liability for bodily injury and property damage you or your driver cause to others

Medical costs for you or your driver and passengers

Collision coverage for accident damage to your vehicle(s)

Comprehensive insurance for damage caused by other hazards like vandalism and theft

Uninsured or underinsured protection for when another driver causes an accident but doesn’t have enough (or any) insurance.

However, it’s important to note that just because you already have similar coverage for your personal vehicle, personal insurance won’t protect you in a business accident.

If you check your personal auto policy, you’ll find that it has an exclusion clause for business use.

That means if you cause an accident while you’re using your car for business but only have personal insurance, you and your firm will be liable for the full costs, which can easily run into six figures.

Benefits of Commercial Auto Insurance

In addition to providing the protection above, there are numerous other benefits of Commercial Auto Insurance. For example:

It can cover multiple vehicles of different types in a single policy including regular autos, pick-ups, box trucks, taxis, limos and more.

It provides higher liability limits than private auto insurance — which could be critical for your business.

It can protect employees who use their own vehicles for your business — for example when delivering or traveling between appointments.

It provides coverage for business equipment and tools your carry in your vehicles (which your personal insurance won’t).It complies with a requirement for commercial auto insurance stipulated by most lease/hire companies.

It offers coverage for loss of earnings when you or your vehicles are off the road.

It can pay for you to hire a replacement vehicle while you’re waiting for repairs to be done.

How Secure Insurance Solutions Helps You

Secure Insurance Solutions are recognized experts in the field of Commercial Auto Insurance.

That means you can count on us to provide the best advice on your protection and to secure highly price-competitive coverage.

At Secure Insurance Solutions, we’ll make sure your coverage levels for your Business Auto Insurance are high enough. We’ll help you protect your business and you personally from any claims — even unwarranted ones.

Often, we can also arrange significant discounts for things like having a great driving record or agreeing to pay higher deductibles.

Plus, of course, we can arrange insurance for all other aspects of your business. Everything you need in a one-stop solution.

Questions? Just call us.

Why You Should Act Now

Ontario Commercial Auto Insurance isn’t something you should leave on your ‘To Do’ list or wait till next week to sort out. It’s so important to the very survival and prosperity of your business, we urge you to act now.

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