Ontario Car Wash Insurance

Don’t get washed out of your business by not protecting your business with a Carwash Insurance policy. If your building is damaged or you get tangled in a customer lawsuit, Carwash Insurance will protect you so that your business will survive.You’ve worked hard to build your business and a list of clients that keep coming back. You don’t want to lose that in the case of a risk that you didn’t see coming.

What Does Car Wash Insurance Cover?

At Secure Insurance Solutions, we can offer you a comprehensive Car Wash Insurance policy for your Ontario business with following coverage:

  • Business property damage – Protects your commercial property and all the business-related belongings in any of the buildings
  • Customer vehicle damage – Makes sure that you’re not held liable for damage done while your customers are at your place of business
  • Lost revenue due to damage or other events – Protects your income in the event that something happens that stops your business from its usual function

Is My Business Not Covered by General Business Insurance?

General business insurance may cover damage to your property, but because you have dozens of cars pass through your service every day, your risk of liability is increased. Only Carwash Insurance can protect you.

Car Wash Insurance policy will protect you against losses due to damage to your property or a customer’s property. So don’t let another car pass through your wash without knowing that you are protected from potential claims–even unjustified ones.

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Carwash Insurance is affordable in Ontario and a key piece of any successful auto wash business. Don’t let your business get washed away by some liability suit or claim that you can’t afford.

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