Group Health Insurance

Retain Your Employees With A Good Benefits Package

What you’ll discover in this report:

  • Eligibility requirements for Group Coverage
  • Types of benefits you can offer your employees
  • Important definitions

When you want to attract and retain the best employees to help you grow your business, a great benefits package can really help. Group Health Insurance is usually the thing that interests employees the most as part of their benefits. Small businesses often find it hard to find affordable health coverage for their employees.

Am I Eligible To Be Considered For Group Health Insurance?

If you have at least three employees, then you can purchase Group Health Coverage. Only your full-time employees that work a minimum of 25 hours a week are eligible for the compensation.

To comply, you should also know that:

  • Every one of your full-time employees must be enrolled in the plan.
  • Employees who are covered under their spouse’s plan may waive their coverage whether you pay 100% of the coverage for your employees or not.
  • You must pay at least 50% of the premium.
  • You may enforce a waiting period for new employees, which varies between 0-6 months, before you add them to the plan.

Offering Health Insurance is a great way to keep your valued employees, but it’s also very complicated. At Secure Insurance Solutions, we’re committed to educating you and helping you streamline your plans during these challenging economic times.

What Benefits Can I Include For My Employees?

Different insurance companies offer different types of plans. These plans can include:

  • Extended Health and Dental
  • Emergency Travel Assistance
  • Income Continuance
  • Group Life Insurance

Important Definitions

Co-insurance: A percentage of the total cost that you pay for health or dental services or products beyond your deductible.

Deductibles: An amount that may be deducted by the insurance carrier from the total that they will pay toward expenses covered by the plan.