Travel Insurance In Canada & Beyond

SecuriGlobe Travel Insurance

When you travel, you often move outside your comfort zone. You’re in a place where you may not know the risks, the cost of getting help can be astronomical, and the chances of other things going wrong seem to be stacked against you.

But, with a Travel Insurance policy in your pocket or purse, you can breathe easy because you’ll know you have one of Canada’s leading travel policy specialists in your corner.

Here at Secure Insurance Solutions in Ontario, we’ve partnered with several Travel coverage providers to deliver the same wide coverage selection that we offer with all our other products. In other words, you won’t be tied to one single insurer or one type of policy for your travel protection. You’ll get choice and value.

The company already protects more than 150,000 travelers every year, working with 14 leading insurers and a choice of more than 200 policies. That means, as always, you can get exactly the protection you need through Secure Insurance Solutions.

Easy Options, Great Solutions

And don’t be worried about finding your way through that maze of options. With more than 50 customer service experts available, toll-free, around the clock, our team of Travel Insurance experts will help pinpoint your travel protection needs, such as:

  • Trip cancellation and interruption.
  • Medical coverage.
  • Single and multi-trip travel policies.
  • Both Travel Insurance in Canada, and for abroad.
  • Coverage for visitors to Ontario and throughout Canada.
  • Travel accident insurance.
  • Special policies for sports, students and snowbirds.

Save Money With The Right Coverage

At Secure Insurance Solutions of Ontario, we put great store by value and service, which is why we’re delighted to provide our top notch Travel coverage in Canada.

As a large specialist dealing with multiple insurers, they can secure the best deal at the most affordable prices.

Save yourself the time for shopping around for travel protection. Pick up the phone and speak to an expert today. No pressure. No obligation. Just great service — fast and easy.