Long Term Care Insurance

You’ve been putting away some of your hard earned money for your retirement. You and your spouse have dreams of traveling, volunteer work and visits with your family. But have you thought about what will happen if you get sick or injured and you need Long Term Care Insurance? Unfortunately, a lot of retirees face this situation. And without the proper coverage you may run low on funds quickly.

What Is LTC Insurance?

Many retirees need some kind of nursing care or extended medical assistance as they age. When you can’t look after yourself and it’s too much for your spouse, you become functionally dependent and need a Long Term Care facility.

What does it mean to be functionally dependent? If you can’t do two of the following activities, you’re functionally dependent: eating, dressing, using the toilet, continence, bathing, and walking. (These are also known as the six Activities of Daily Living.) You may also need this coverage if you need supervision due to issues such as Alzheimer’s.

The Costs Of Long Term Care Insurance Add Up

Most retirees are likely to need some sort of nursing care or extended medical assistance during their retirement. Retirement home costs can range between $1,200 a month to $6,000 a month. Do you have enough saved to cover between $14,440 and $72,000 each year?

Even if you plan to stay in your own home, hiring an occupational therapist, skilled nursing or companionship services can cost between $1,000-2,100 a month. That doesn’t include meals and housekeeping.

When you think about those costs, purchasing LTC Insurance in Ontario seems very affordable.

At Secure Insurance Solutions, we can help you protect your retirement dream for you and your spouse. The Long Term Care Insurance policy can be customized so that you can receive in-home care rather than being moved to a facility.

Don’t Waste Any Time — Get A Quote Now!

The earlier you take out a LTC Insurance policy, the less your premiums will be. If you’re in good health right now, it makes sense to get approved. Planning now can keep you in control so that you can choose where you live and how you live.

Consider the following as part of your plan:

  • Create a power of attorney for someone you trust to make decisions about your care in case you can’t
  • Get a no-risk quote right away by clicking on our Free Quote request button. We’ll get back to you with an affordable path to securing the retirement you want.