Imagine how your family or your partner would struggle if the income you — or your partner — earn suddenly was no longer there. It almost doesn’t bear thinking about. But you should.

Although life expectancy is rising, it’s a sad fact that 50,000 Canadians of working age die every year* and many, many more suffer a disability that can stop them working for years. Without the protection of disability and Life Insurance, the suffering could extend to hundreds of thousands more.

But that protection is readily available at highly affordable prices through Secure Insurance Solutions Group, Ontario’s personal insurance professionals. Hundreds already trust us with these most precious safeguards because they know they’ll get the best protection at the most competitive prices, backed by unrivalled customer support and service.

Life Insurance Options

You might need different types of protection for different life stages. We have all your options and budget considerations covered.

At Secure Insurance Solutions Group, we’ll help you understand and choose from low cost fixed term insurance and lifelong permanent insurance, with guidance on selecting your coverage limits and securing tax advantages. Depending on your situation, we will help you determine which type of protection you need:

  • Term Life Insurance is a cost-effective option that guarantees a payout if the life of a policy holder ends during a pre-determined time period. The cost and term are both decided when the policy is purchased. Insurance companies offer lower premiums and excellent benefits for term policies due to the fact that a policy sometimes expires while a policy holder is still living. In that case, no benefit is paid, which allows the insurance carrier to create a larger pool of money from which to pay benefits to other policy holders.
  • Whole Life Insurance, or lifelong permanent insurance, is a policy that remains in force for the entire life of the holder. There is no time limit at which the policy would expire. In other words, this type of coverage guarantees a payout — known as a “death benefit” — upon the death of the policy holder, no matter when it occurs. This type of policy may have a higher premium but you will never lose the money you’ve invested into it, and that guaranteed payout can greatly help to cover any financial responsibilities you may leave behind, rather than leaving your loved ones to foot the bill.

Ontario Disability Insurance Options

Workers Compensation only covers you for work-related accidents, while unemployment insurance will only last a few weeks. But with Disability Insurance through Secure Insurance Solutions Group you’ll be insured against loss of income for other disabling accidents and illnesses and you’ll be protected for longer.

We’ll customize a plan to provide you with a guaranteed short term or long term income — up to 80 percent of current earnings — which could see you right through to retirement age if necessary.

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*Statistics Canada