What you need to know about Winter Tire Discounts

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but my tires are so delightful! Welcome to winter driving in Canada – the ever changing and often dangerous road conditions make having winter tires a “no brainer” for most Canadians. Because of the significant research that has gone into the benefits of having winter tires, the Ministry of Finance has confirmed that all insurance companies including the Facility Association must offer a discount to drivers who use winter tires. Horray!

But not all discounts are created equally. While approval is required by regulators, the amount of the discount is decided by the insurance companies and can therefore vary depending on which provider you use. The range is typically between 2-10% and can be applied seasonally or annually – an important question to ask when you’re shopping around.

Each company may also have different requirements for proving you’ve got your winter tires installed each year such as providing a photo of the tires on your car, a receipt of purchase and/or installation of the tires or they may simply take notes from your verbal confirmation. However they all reserve the right to request proof.

Now you may be wondering what happens if you simply say you have winter tires to get the discount but in reality you don’t? This is not only unethical but also puts you at serious risk of your policy being voided meaning that any and all claims under the policy can be denied due to a misrepresentation of risk. Companies may also decide to simply re-rate your policy and charge back the additional premium you saved. Either way, honesty is the best policy.

Secure Insurance Solutions has multiple insurance companies to chose from when it comes to your personal auto policy. We take a personal approach to each policy to match you with the company that will offer the best benefits for you and your family. Whether it be finding additional discounts, offering driver monitoring policies for you or your teen driver or maximizing your winter tire discount our brokers have the experience and knowledge to find the best fit for you.