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Hassle-Free Ontario Home Insurance

Home InsuranceWhen you see a news report of fire destroying a home or burglars emptying one, you're sad for the owners. But your pity turns to surprise and maybe even disbelief when you learn they had no Homeowners Insurance.

It's a totally false economy to think of going without Home Insurance -- not just because of those big-loss items but also because of the 1001 other mishaps that could happen at any time -- from fire through accidents to people and property.

The chances are high that, at some point in your life, you'll suffer one of those mishaps -- and you'll be glad you're protected through Secure Insurance Solutions.

That's because you'll know not only that you're properly insured but also that you got a great Homeowners Insurance deal.

Home Insurance Customized For You

Ontario Home InsuranceInsuring your property can seem a daunting task. For instance, you may want to know how to compare Home Insurance quotes, but there are scores of different options. And you may be on a tight budget and want to know where to find the best value coverage.

That's why it pays to speak to the Ontario Home Insurance professionals at Secure Insurance Solutions -- because we customize every policy to the precise needs of our clients.

We’ve been doing just that for Ontario homeowners and condo owners for many years -- offering best value and coverage to meet both your needs and your budget.

The Secure Solutions Homeowners Insurance Program

We can give you a fast quote on a Homeowners Insurance policy, but you’ll want to talk with us about exactly what risks you want to protect against.

Our comprehensive Home Insurance program allows you to do that -- with our friendly guidance.

Options range from simple, low-cost "no frills" coverage through to comprehensive protection that covers you for most risks including the structure of your home and any outbuildings, liability claims, and multiple hazards like fire, theft, wind and hail, plus certain types of water damage.

Additional options enable you to strengthen your coverage even further.

For instance, you can take our special insurance endorsement for high-value collections and items like jewelry and antiques. Or you might want an umbrella insurance policy that provides coverage up to limits above those in your standard policy, as well as other risks.

And should you ever need to make a claim, the Secure Insurance Solutions team will be here to help you.

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Your Questions Answered

We can answer all your questions about insuring your home and the financial aspect of your coverage.

Some of the most common questions our customers ask include:

  • Home InsuranceDo I have to have home insurance?
    Answer: There’s no law requiring Home Insurance in Ontario. But if you have or are getting a mortgage, most lenders will insist you have coverage and will likely ask for proof. Some condo associations may insist on it too.

  • Can home insurance be tax deductible?
    Answer: Not for most people. But if you work from home or run a home-based business you may be able to deduct it. However, if you operate a home office, you should also check with us to be sure your business risks are also properly insured -- a homeowners policy might not be enough. 

  •  How do I compare home insurance quotes? 
    Answer: If you want to know how to compare home insurance quotes, the important thing is to make sure the quotes you receive are for exactly the same coverage.

    One policy can seem a whole lot cheaper than another but you may discover too late that it doesn’t provide the same amount of protection or that you have to pay a larger deductible -- the amount you pay before the policy kicks in.

    Internet comparison sites simplify the task but they still don’t cover everything.

    In fact the only way to do this properly without spending a huge amount of time online or on the phone, is to ask a broker like Secure Insurance Solutions. That’s because we’ve already done the research and can produce an answer quickly at no cost to you.

(Note: The above information does not constitute legal advice)

Save And Learn

When you insure through Secure Insurance Solutions you save money in two ways: we work with many different insurers so we can shop around for the best rates; and we can secure additional discounts for things like higher deductibles, security installations and a good claims record.

It's easy to find out how little Ontario Homeowners Insurance costs and how well you can be protected. You can do that right now, without obligation, by clicking our Free Quote request button. Don't risk leaving it till tomorrow. Who knows what may happen