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An Easy Way Through the Ontario Auto Insurance Maze

Car Insurance OntarioDon't be surprised if you’re confused when you weigh up all your Auto Insurance options. Ontario has had one of the widest ranges of Car Insurance options in the nation!

That's great -- as long as you know how to select the Automobile Insurance that's best for you. But without expert help that's not easy; you could end up paying far too much.

For example, in addition to mandatory insurance, you can select additional collision/comprehensive insurance, plus choose from multiple options for accident benefits coverage -- from increased medical coverage to housekeeping and home maintenance.

You may also want to know why Auto Insurance is important or have questions like: Do I need full coverage Auto Insurance? Is Auto Insurance taxable? Does Auto Insurance cover the car or the driver? (See our answers below)

Your Ontario Car Insurance Options

Winter driving

Here’s a quick look at the coverage you need and your additional options:

Auto Insurance

Mandatory Ontario Car Insurance

  • Third party liability
  • Statutory accident benefits
  • Direct compensation
  • Uninsured auto

Auto Insurance
You have the choice of higher third party coverage and Optional
          Accident benefits (including income replacement)

  Optional Physical Damage Coverages

  • Specified perils
  • Comprehensive
  • Collision or upset coverage

Auto Insurance

All perils (combining Comprehensive and Collision coverages)

You can also add endorsements for many options including coverage for rental cars, temporary replacement vehicles while your car is off the road, and special family member coverage.

The Secure Insurance Solution

Phew! Don't waste your time and your money wandering around this maze and searching for the best Car Insurance options at the best prices, when they're available right here in a single step from Secure Insurance Solutions.

We take the confusion out of Automobile Insurance with a customized plan tailored to your needs and then we shop around for the most competitive rates available in the marketplace.

Your Questions Answered

One of the great benefits of working with a local broker like Secure Insurance Solutions is that we know the Ontario Auto Insurance marketplace and we’re right on-hand to answer your questions.

For example, many clients want to know:

Truck insuranceDo I need full coverage Auto Insurance?

Answer: That depends on the value of your car in relation to your insurance premium. The lower the car’s worth and the higher the premium, the less financially worthwhile full coverage is. But it depends on other factors too and this is something we would talk through with you.

Is Auto Insurance taxable?

Answer: No. As of this writing, HST does not apply to auto insurance. However, certain benefits paid out in a claim might be taxable.

Does Auto Insurance cover the car or the driver?

Answer: This is a tricky one! Your liability insurance covers you (or other named driver), regardless of the car you’re driving. But comprehensive and collision insurance protect the vehicle.

(Note: The above information does not constitute legal advice)

Save More With Secure Insurance Solutions

We can often secure additional Ontario Automobile Insurance discounts for a safe driving record, enhanced vehicle security and higher level deductibles. On the other hand, if you're a young or high-risk driver, we can get you some of the lowest rates currently available for your category.

Either way, with Secure Insurance Solutions you get top value, high-quality Car Insurance, but you don’t end up paying for coverage you don’t want or don’t need.

Our professionals will also keep your coverage under regular review, ensuring you're properly protected. And we'll be there to help and support you if you need to make a claim.

Why Auto Insurance is Important and Why You Should Act Now

If you don’t have Automobile Insurance, three terrible things could happen to you:

  • You could be saddled with massive legal and medical expenses for the rest of your life.
  • You could be fined up to $50,000 and possibly go to jail.
  • You could find it next to impossible to get auto insurance in the future and if you do it will be horrendously expensive! 

Secure Insurance Solutions Your Trusted Advisor

Don’t take that risk. Especially when friendly, helpful experts with access to the most affordable Ontario Car Insurance rates are standing by to help you, here at Secure Insurance Solutions.

Whether you're renewing your Automobile Insurance or taking out your first policy, skip the confusion and the worries and get the best quote available for your needs. Just click the no-obligation, Free Quote request at the top of this page. We'll do the rest.